Looking for Carolinas fried chicken? There’s a map for that

EDIA Maps, created by former Charlotteans Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright, started out with a printed map to North Carolina’s barbecue world (see above photo). Then they added another on the state’s craft beers.

Now they’ve tackled North and South Carolina and fried chicken, with the new Great Carolina Fried Chicken Map, which points the way to 300 fried-chicken nirvanas, fried chicken trivia (the World’s Largest Frying Pan is in North Carolina?) and fried chicken styles, including two that they claim are indigenous to the Carolinas.


“When we started this map, we didn’t expect to uncover fried chicken traditions that were unique to the Carolinas,” Fisher says. “What we didn’t realize – and it seems that few people do – is that we have two fried-chicken styles that started right here.”

She’s referred to dipped chicken, with the chicken first fried and then dipped in barbecue sauce, and Calabash chicken, with the chicken breaded and fried similar to the seafood method used at Carolinas Calabash seafood restaurants along the coast.

The new map can be pre-ordered at Folded versions are $9.99 and unfolded poster-style versions are $29.99. The maps will be available for shipping in August.

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Photos: Observer file, EDIA Maps