Craft beer and Girl Scout cookies -- a delicious combination. Were you seen at Saturday’s Cookies & Crafts?

For this month’s Scene/Seen, we found an event that blatantly goes against the January trend of dieting. It pairs people’s not-so-secret adoration of Girl Scout cookies with Charlotte’s outspoken love of local craft beers.

More than 10 breweries participated in Cookies & Crafts this past Saturday at the Fillmore, pairing their beers with Girl Scout cookies — stouts paired with Thin Mints looked particularly good.

Here’s what the scene looked like from 3-4 p.m. Were you seen?


Beer tasting events are getting classier every day. Behold a custom ice sculpture for the event, hiding next to the White Russian bar for those who couldn’t be convinced that beers and cookies could be enjoyed together.



If everyone likes Girl Scout cookies, and if everyone enjoys Charlotte craft beer, why not pair them? I was told the Samoas and the Rah-Rah Raisins were easy to pair because their caramel and oat notes went well with the natural maltiness of ales and porters.


All profits from the unlimited tasting mugs benefited the Girl Scouts. It made the crowd look incredibly fancy as they sipped beer out of their tiny mugs as if at a boozy tea party.



This guy’s multitasking abilities just go to show how serious — and joy-inducing — cookies and beer can make a person.


As with many beer-centric events in the QC, Cookies & Crafts attracted a crowd. An estimated 1,500 people queued up and crammed inside The Fillmore to do their best Cookie Monster impressions.


Two faces, both conjured by what was an extremely successful event. The first I call, “Did my friends go get a NoDa Coco Loco without me?” And the second I call, “OMG you just put that entire cookie in your mouth.”

Photos: Rémy Thurston