163 Charlotte-area runners finished the Boston Marathon. Meet the fastest man and woman

Robert Tomkinson, leaping center, of San Carlos, Calif., crosses the finish line with other runners during the 120th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18, 2016, in Boston. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Robert Tomkinson, leaping center, of San Carlos, Calif., crosses the finish line with other runners during the 120th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18, 2016, in Boston. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) AP

Laurie Knowles has been holding her own against elite marathoners in their 20s for a long time, and at Monday’s Boston Marathon, she did it again – an impressive feat, considering the Charlotte mother of two turns 39 later this year.

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A little more than two months after she dropped out of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials Marathon in Los Angeles after being overwhelmed by scorching heat, Knowles finished the world’s most prestigious road race in 2 hours, 45 minutes and 19 seconds.

In a field once again dominated by Africans, that was the third-fastest time posted by an American woman on Monday; the two who crossed the line ahead of Knowles are both 26 years old.

“It was a tough day,” Knowles said by phone from Boston after the race. “It was warm, and there were headwinds. My time was not what I’d hoped for … but my goals were, I wanted redemption from L.A., and I wanted to enjoy it. I did not enjoy the hills, but I did enjoy most of the race. So, mission accomplished.”

Knowles had previously competed in the Olympic Trials Marathon twice before, in 2012 and 2008. Though she has been running marathons for more than a decade, she has proven that you can continue to get faster into your mid- to late 30s: Her best time for 26.2 miles is 2:36:29, which she put up at the Chicago Marathon in 2013 at age 36.

Meanwhile, Justin King – the top male runner from the area – ran a 2:41:08 in his second Boston Marathon effort. The 35-year-old Indian Trail resident’s first time running the storied event was in 2013, the year of the bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260 others (including Charlotte residents Nicole and Michael Gross, who were waiting at the finish line for Nicole’s mother).


King said the headwind and the hills beat him up in the second half, but that he got a second wind when he reached the Massachusetts Avenue overpass, where in 2013 runners were stopped in their tracks after the attacks, and not allowed to complete the race due to the chaos at the finish line.

“Since I was hurting, I said to myself, ‘Just run for everybody that got stopped that year. Just try to think about that,’” King said by phone from a Boston bar Monday afternoon.

He was initially disappointed to have been about 2 1/2 minutes off of his personal best, but by the time he had a beer in his hand, he was looking at the bright side.

“You train for four months and you don’t hit your goal, so you’re a little bummed, but I mean, I just looked and I was 152nd overall,” King said, “and this is the Boston Marathon. It’s the biggest, most prestigious race, and I was 152nd. You can’t complain about that, right?”

Including Knowles and King, there were 163 total finishers from the Charlotte area – 77 women and 86 men. Here are their results.


Justin King, Indian Trail: 2:41:08

Chunfeng She, Charlotte: 2:44:35

Billy Shue, Charlotte: 2:50:40

Paul Newnham, Charlotte: 2:51:56

Ryan Mills, Charlotte: 2:52:17

Caleb Boyd, Charlotte: 2:54:46

Ryan Wakefield, Charlotte: 2:55:08

Jon Clary, Monroe: 2:55:52

William Farr, Charlotte: 2:56:26

J. Nicholson, Charlotte: 3:00:57

John McCormick, Charlotte: 3:01:08

Walt Guyer, Charlotte: 3:03:13

Adam Mayes, Charlotte: 3:03:50

John Ashcraft Jr., Huntersville: 3:04:10

Scott Kennedy, Rock Hill: 3:05:05

Joshua Pinyan, Salisbury: 3:05:14

Jose Gamez, Statesville: 3:05:29

Baki Oguz, Charlotte: 3:07:22

Jason Martin, Charlotte: 3:12:41

Brian Canipe, Shelby: 3:14:17

Stuart Perkins, Salisbury: 3:14:44

Charles Willimon, Cornelius: 3:16:03

Brian Baum, Charlotte: 3:16:18

Brian Costa, Matthews: 3:16:36

Tommy Racano, Matthews: 3:16:52

John Walmsley, Charlotte: 3:17:03

Keith Weidman, Weddington: 3:18:04

Aregai Girmay, Gastonia: 3:20:49

Mike Kahn, Charlotte: 3:19:18

Andrew Charters, Charlotte: 3:19:21

Ross Cockerham, Charlotte: 3:20:37

Brandon Webb, Charlotte: 3:21:03

Namaine Coombs, Charlotte: 3:21:06

Kevin Cutts, Fort Mill: 3:21:31

James Huffman, Waxhaw: 3:21:51

Geoffrey Haggart, Marvin: 3:23:17

Mark McGeough, Huntersville: 3:23:21

Joshua Kollman, Waxhaw: 3:24:06

Matthew Bush, Fort Mill: 3:24:28

Brian Moroz, Charlotte: 3:26:00

Brad McKee, Kings Mountain: 3:26:28

Jody Mayberry, Statesville: 3:27:36

Donald Bailey, Charlotte: 3:27:47

Paul Martino, Charlotte: 3:28:11

Bobby Aswell Jr., Cornelius: 3:29:40

Edmund Boswell, Charlotte: 3:30:24

Chad Chambers, Charlotte: 3:31:36

Eric Hein, Charlotte: 3:32:45

Patrick Armeen, Charlotte: 3:33:39

Paul Neumann, Charlotte: 3:34:29

John Boutwell, Matthews: 3:34:50

David Dubay, Charlotte: 3:35:26

Michael Schreder, Charlotte: 3:40:48

Mike Reitmeyer, Mooresville: 3:40:50

Carl Dunkin, Statesville: 3:41:17

John Schaaf, Davidson: 3:41:44

Eric Hammond, Tega Cay: 3:42:29

Eric Horne, Charlotte: 3:43:41

Christopher Flaherty, Davidson: 3:43:53

Hampton Chandler, Charlotte: 3:44:41

Ronnie Mitchell, Charlotte: 3:47:08

Wynn Davis, Charlotte: 3:47:43

Mitchell Rippy, Shelby: 3:48:53

Richard Heinrich, Mooresville: 3:49:33

Kenneth Foret Jr., Hickory: 3:52:04

Mike Wilson, Hickory: 3:55:01

Don Rice, Fort Mill: 3:56:03

Joe Schlereth, Pineville: 3:56:30

Victor Rosado, Salisbury: 4:00:29

Derek Cornwall, Charlotte: 4:04:22

David Beatty, Statesville: 4:06:40

Christopher Kearney, Charlotte: 4:09:09

Walt Bullard, Fort Mill: 4:10:51

John Culver III, Charlotte: 4:14:12

Klaus Meyer, Charlotte: 4:16:02

Mike Moran, Huntersville: 4:18:45

Ralph Maynard III, Hickory: 4:19:58

Dawson Hancock, Charlotte: 4:20:25

Frederick Roseborough, Charlotte: 4:25:01

Jonathan Vogel, Charlotte: 4:33:12

Armando Assis, Charlotte: 4:37:02

Michael Beacham, Charlotte: 4:41:38

Hubert Lambert, Lincolnton: 5:08:01

William Ernsberger, Charlotte: 5:24:07

Tom Thornburg, Charlotte: 5:41:29

Jamie Woodward, Charlotte: 5:56:42


Laurie Knowles, Charlotte: 2:45:19

Katie Strohschein, Charlotte: 3:07:29

Heather Carpenter, Charlotte: 3:17:50

Michelle McCray, Shelby: 3:23:27

Katie Burgess, Kings Mountain: 3:25:22

Doreen McCormick, Stanley: 3:26:58

Kate Dickson, Charlotte: 3:30:34

Ansley Proctor, Charlotte: 3:30:55

Katie Rose, Concord: 3:31:18

Flavia Asar, Charlotte: 3:33:18

Maleah Pinyan, Salisbury: 3:36:18

Dana Edwards, Weddington: 3:36:37

Laura Strickland, Charlotte: 3:36:58

Caitlin Nakayama, Charlotte: 3:37:37

Sarah McGeough, Huntersville: 3:39:05

Melissa Quinlan, Davidson: 3:39:30

Bonnie Darrenkamp, Huntersville: 3:39:48

Kelly Werts, Charlotte: 3:40:38

Elizabeth Bennett, Charlotte: 3:41:02

Kristen Shaver, Charlotte: 3:41:06

Angela Dampier, Fort Mill: 3:41:45

Ali Moran, Charlotte: 3:42:53

Colette Nichols, Huntersville: 3:43:07

Anne Ruthenbeck, Fort Mill: 3:43:19

Vicky Shannon, Charlotte: 3:43:25

Katie Harbold, Charlotte: 3:43:41

Lisa Costa, Matthews: 3:46:02

Jill Reagan, Huntersville: 3:47:07

Kelly McFadden, Cornelius: 3:47:14

Katie Ringley, Shelby: 3:47:33

Alice Feeney, Matthews: 3:47:37

Mary Huffman, Hickory: 3:48:39

Raychelle Robinson, Charlotte: 3:49:17

Mariko Joseph, Charlotte: 3:49:31

Susan Hutcherson, Denver: 3:52:16

Anna Boone, Hickory: 3:52:37

Hannah Sanborn, Huntersville: 3:53:47

Hayley Beatenhead, Lincolnton: 3:55:11

Mary-Ann Furey, Charlotte: 3:55:27

Siobhan Havlik, Indian Land: 3:57:18

Julie Spitzer, Clover: 3:57:55

Bridget Cohen, Matthews: 3:58:16

Melissa Orr, Charlotte: 3:59:06

Laura Shope, Charlotte: 3:59:28

Juliana Switzer, Stanley: 3:59:42

Erinne Dyer, Tega Cay: 4:00:51

Susan Caldwell, Charlotte: 4:01:02

Stacy Agar, Huntersville: 4:01:10

Emily Yale, Charlotte: 4:01:34

Joan Dodson, Concord: 4:02:22

Amy Meredith, Charlotte: 4:04:18

Dawn McCarthy, Cornelius: 4:04:34

Kay Sanborn, Huntersville: 4:07:50

Gene Summey, Shelby: 4:08:50

Jane Hardy, Mint Hill: 4:09:18

Susan Montgomery, Charlotte: 4:09:34

Sarah Brandon, Charlotte: 4:11:29

Annette Johnson, Fort Mill: 4:13:33

Jessica Cygan, Charlotte: 4:13:59

Molly Cybowski, Charlotte: 4:17:31

Jennifer Bruce, Stanley: 4:18:58

Stacey Minner, Stanley: 4:18:58

Barbara Hodges, Shelby: 4:20:45

Hilary Boutwell, Matthews: 4:21:14

Debbie Smith, Charlotte: 4:24:08

Debbie Dickson, Salisbury: 4:26:35

Sharon Cleveland, Waxhaw: 4:29:58

Meredith Dolhare, Charlotte: 4:39:27

Kerrie Huseman, Tega Cay: 4:52:00

Angela Heidel, Tega Cay: 4:52:05

Carla McGinty, Concord: 4:57:00

Roberta Villneff, Charlotte: 4:58:21

Melonie Norris, Charlotte: 5:00:29

Wendy Wyman, Mooresville: 5:05:47

Laurin Titus, Davidson: 5:34:22

Jaime McDonald, Huntersville: 5:40:38

Jamie Dodge, Fort Mill: 5:46:46

Photos: AP Photo/Charles Krupa; Courtesy of Laurie Knowles; Courtesy of Justin King