Not a traditional-registry kind of couple? Here are 4 options

If you’re like Melinda Harper and Scott Fouts and want an alternative to the classic wedding-registry process, you’re in luck. Thanks to a growing number of online registries, you can now request everything from dinners out to home down payments, gift cards to nonprofit donations.

It comes down to a cultural shift: In 1960, the median age for a first marriage was around 21 years old. In 2010, the median age was 27. Individuals are more established in their homes and often have many of the household items found on traditional wedding registries. If you want to buck tradition, here are a few of our favorites alternatives:


As a one-stop shop, Zola is an online registry offering everything on a single platform. From kitchen items and bath towels, to honeymoon excursions and cooking classes, it’s for the streamlined bride and groom who wish to make it a personalized experience. Manage your shipping each time an item is purchased, and exchange gifts before they’re shipped to you. The filters make it foolproof for family and friends to gift you the perfect item. 

The Good Beginning

The Good Beginning is perfect for the couple who already has everything, but wants to give back to their community or favorite charity. Designed by wedding planner Beth Helmstetter, The Good Beginning is an online registry where couples can select from a variety of local, national and international charities for their guests to donate to in lieu of gifts. 


No questionable kitchen gadgets here. HoneyFund keeps it simple. Gifts are monetary, so you can request anything from a $75 dinner out to a down payment on a home. Guests give what they are comfortable with and know that it will be put to good use. 

Card Avenue

Sometimes, you have no clue what you want or need. Enter: Card Avenue, the perfect spot to request gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. Perfect for the couple that enjoys eating out or shopping for home goods and house project supplies. Bonus: Couples can request gift cards for charities that are meaningful to them. 

Feature image by Lori Konawalik | CaptureMeCandid Photography

Updated August 6, 2018