9 of Charlotte’s wild and crazy guys on Tinder


Let’s be real — technology is a huge part of today’s dating world. Between eHarmony, Grindr and even Farmers Only, there are so many virtual options that make finding a special someone easier than ever before.

Gone are the days of blind dates, awkward setups and hanging around bars only to get hit on by creepy old men.

Who wouldn’t take a chance to swipe right and find your soul mate? I wouldn’t, that’s who. Yesterday, I perused Tinder to see what kind of Charlotte guys it has to offer.

Here are a few reasons why I think virtual dating isn’t the best way to meet your Mr. Right.

Warning: Apparently a lot of guys think the F bomb and calling women female dogs is hot. If those words make you queasy, you may want to stop here.

(1) Because you’ll encounter guys who “don’t want to put off a rapey vibe.”

tyler – nirvana

Sorry, you failed.

(2) Because of guys who don’t like “the typical hand-on-head girl pose.” Whatever that is. Girls, don’t let a guy tell you how to pose.

tanner – qc

(3) Because this guy is definitely not a serial killer.


(4) Because do you really want to match with a guy who feels like a dairy product?

daniel – butter

(5) Because this guy might just take sh*t a little too seriously:

kyle – bad mother fucker

(6) Because to get a match with this guy, who believes God is great, “nice boobs” are a must.

zoe – god is good

(7) Because I’m not sure why this guy is sitting in your grandma’s lobby.

david – gran mahs

(8) Because I answer no.

matthew yes or no

(9) Because who wants to compete?

varun – ass

There were a few winners, though.

(1) Everyone likes a guy with a sense of home-grown sense of humor.

austin – carrot dirt

(2) If Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio and ScarJo like him, he has to be a good guy.

austin – acting

(3) Road trips and a James Bond reference? Packing my bag now.

mark – 007

(4) Points for originality.

andrew – tinderella

What are some of the best/worst/funniest Tinder bios you’ve seen? Tweet them to @Charlotte_Five.

Photo courtesy of Tinder Problems Twitter

Sara Carson
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