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$100 bills will be hidden in Charlotte on Wednesday—finders keepers, with no catch

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If you find a hundred-dollar bill Wednesday while walking around Center City, it may be more than just blind luck.

A Pineville escape room company will hide 20 $100-dollar bills throughout Uptown and Midtown Charlotte, then host a treasure hunt for anyone who wants to end his or her day with a little more cash flow. 

Participants should start near Midtown Park or Marshall Park at 5 p.m., said Charlotte Breakout Games manager Seth Asher. All ages are welcome.

From there, the hunt will feel a bit reminiscent of Pokemon Go. 

Courtesy of Breakout Games<br>A past winner.

Breakout Games will announce the GPS coordinates for the first $100 bill on its Facebook page and website. Then, participants will plug the coordinates into their phones and start the search for the cash.

All of the money will be hidden within a mile and a half area. Asher said Breakout Games wants to discourage participants from driving, but rideshare scooters are fair game. 

Camouflaged envelopes

The $100 bills will be inside credit card-sized envelopes with the Breakout Games logo. The envelopes may be different colors to camouflage with the surroundings. 

“They could be green like grass or black like a pole,” Asher said. 

Every half hour, Breakout Games will announce the next coordinate, via Facebook and their website, until winners have claimed all $2,000.

Breakout Games money hunts began in Lexington, K.Y. Since then, there have been hunts in Nashville, Lexington and Greensboro. The Charlotte treasure hunt will be one of 32 Breakout Games hunts this year.

Courtesy of Breakout Games<br>A family of past winners.

Past locations have had a lot of participants, and Asher doesn’t think Charlotte will be an exception. “We expect close to 1,000 and up,” Asher said. 

Weather watch in effect

Our local drip-chronicles, slide-like-this meteorologist, Nick Kosir, is keeping his eye out for the weather. “Wednesday will be an average July day. You can expect partly sunny skies with a high near 90-degrees and a 30-40% chance of scattered showers and storms,” he told CharlotteFive. “There’s a possibility you could run into a downpour, but here’s the bottom line – don’t let the weather keep you from striking it rich. Even if Mother Nature decides to make it rain, you’ll have the last laugh when you make it rain hundo’s.”

If rain becomes too severe, Breakout Games will post updates on Facebook alerting of any delays or cancellations.

Participants can also sign up for updates by texting “charlottehunt” to 31996.