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Why you should jump into this weekend’s BOOM art explosion

April 8-10 there’s going to be an art explosion in Charlotte. Not a show, or even a weekend of bands or beers. It’s not a couple days of vendors and short performances or an imported exhibition of one style or discipline. BOOM festival in Plaza Midwood is unlike any other festival in Charlotte. With BOOM right around the corner, you may be asking yourself if BOOM is for you. The answer is yes. And here’s why:

(1) Accessibility

BOOM gives you the chance to park your car and forget about it for a weekend filled with about 30 shows. Every venue and event associated with BOOM is within a few blocks of each other in places you already know and love, like Petra’s and Snug Harbor. Many of the festival experiences are free, or free with a BOOM ticket, and the tickets to shows are only $10 (cheaper if you buy a day or weekend pass).

In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s a really good deal.

(2) After parties

Who doesn’t love a good after party, right? Especially when the after party is not only the hot spot for you and your friends, but the artists you’ve been admiring from the audience all weekend. Add to that a chance to party with Charlotte Storytellers style or get down with DJ Preach Jacobs.

(3) Nonconformity

Charlotte is not unfamiliar with out-of-town artists. What Charlotte doesn’t get a lot of are off-the-beaten path artists from all over doing work that you normally couldn’t see unless you traveled to their point of origin. These are shows that are built for intimate venues in specific environments, so you won’t see them touring through the Blumenthal. And that’s part of the beauty. You’ve seen the big tours, now come and see the other side of that coin. The strange, unexpected and tantalizingly inventive side.

FullSizeRender (4)

(4) A focus on Charlotte culture, despite out-of-town artists.

You’ll get a chance to see artists like On Q, TAPROOT, XOXO, Sinergismo, Sarah Emery, Triptych Collective, Baran Dance, Bless These Sounds Under the City, Kurma Murrain, Hip Hop University, Sendy Mendez, artists from Tosco Music Party, Loose Leaves Showcase and Drumstrong, and speakers from CreativeMornings/Charlotte. Where else are you going to see such diversity of artists in one place?

(5) BOOM is an experience.

From the outdoor Intersection stage featuring shorter performances and collaborations to the Pecha Kucha kick-off event, BOOM will fill your weekend with unexpected happenings. BOOM was crafted to be the kind of festival that you define for yourself. You choose which shows to see and in which order. You choose which tasty restaurants to patronize and what culinary samples you’d like to try. You choose when to sit with friends and watch outdoor performances, when to check out participatory art installations, and whether you want to get up early and meditate or stay up late and party (or both).


It’s not one stage with rotating acts or a line of vendors that sit in one spot all weekend. It’s an ever-changing choose-your own adventure of “art, performance and the unexpected.”

April 8-10 Charlotte is blowing up. Come and have a blast with us.

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Photos: George Hendricks, XOXO, Jeff Cravotta