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Take our RuRu’s Quiz: Come for the patio, stay for the pop culture

I love feeling hip and beautiful.

Normally, I’m neither of these things, but when you go to RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila in Myers Park, you’re instantly both. You can’t help it – it’s the vibe.

First, you have to find it, and that’s not easy. It’s at 715 Providence Road, but you won’t really find it there. It’s tucked away in this charming villa of a building. The trick is to turn onto Fenton Place (near the Manor Theatre) and park in the lot behind it.

Great, you’re in. Now, good luck finding a seat on the amazing patio: Outdoor bar, fire pits, twinkling lights, lots of really great-looking people dressed in really great-looking clothes.

Go, have a cocktail and soak it in. It’s usually hopping, but not in a pick-up sort of way. People are really having fun. They’re relaxed.

One more note about RuRu’s: The food is perfectly fine (although let’s be clear, that’s not why you’re there), but the menu is a fun read. It’s all references to classic movies. So fun, in fact, that we decided to give you a piece of the RuRu’s experience with this short quiz, to see how RuRu movie smart you are.

Photos: RuRu’s Facebook page