Extra Opt Out

Observer Values and Encore FAQ

Why do you print and distribute this product?

Advertisers want to reach customers near their stores, and potential customers want to find out about bargains and deals, especially in these times.

The advertiser reaches potential customers by purchasing advertising within the pages of The Charlotte Observer, or by printing inserts that we put in The Charlotte Observer or deliver separately to non-subscribers.

If a potential customer is not a newspaper subscriber and does not want the inserts delivered to their home, they can opt out by filling out the form at this link or by calling 800-532-5350. We just need a name and address in order to stop delivery.

Can I opt-out?

If a household wants to opt out of the product, they can do so by calling 800-532-5350. We just need a name and address in order to stop delivery.

I'm concerned about these stacking up at a vacant house nearby.

We don't want them there either. It's wasteful, expensive and inefficient for both us and our advertising customers to deliver this product to a vacant house.

You can report a vacant house via the phone number above.

Are these things recyclable?

Yes they are. Newspapers, of course, are eminently recyclable. The plastic bags may be returned to grocery stores that recycle their own plastic bags. We also manufacture the newspaper with a lot of environmentally friendly materials. The newsprint itself contains significant portions of recycled fiber. And we used soy-based inks in our printing. We also carefully manage the return of single-copy papers so that we can recycle those. And we monitor waste in our plant and recycle both newsprint, printing plates and waste ink.

A neighbor told me such distribution violates anti-littering ordinances. Is that true?

Numerous state and federal courts, and the US Supreme Court, have found that distribution of such circulars and unsolicited newspapers have First Amendment protection.

Litter is by definition waste, intentionally discarded as refuse, and of little to no value.

In addition to the news content provided in most of our nonsubscriber packages, the circulars we distribute are a valuable way to save money or obtain bargains for many consumers.   Our advertising customers track coupon redemption and tell us that the product is being used by consumers. This commerce helps fuel the local economy.

That said, we recognize that what is of value to one consumer, may not be to another. That’s why we offer opt-out option to any household that doesn’t wish to receive them.

So, is this a common way to deliver circulars and unsolicited newspapers?

Yes. This is probably the most common means of delivery for unsolicited weekly newspapers and circulars throughout the United States.