Band video: Solar Cat sings ‘Weather Witch’

When longtime dream pop/shoegazer band Sugar Glyder broke up after brushes with national exposure and extensive touring, Chris Rigo didn’t jump right back on the same old arena rock horse.

He got about as far away from Sugar Glyder’s sound as you can get with Concord country rockers Kodiak Brotherhood and Solar Cat.

In the latter Rigo and girlfriend Sara English take their love of comics, sci-fi, science, and the like and syphon it into camptastic, psychedelic stoner rock.

With songs about dinosaurs and witches they capture a sense of fun while rocking out to the fullest extent with thick sludgy riffs that never succumb to plodding, self-serious metal. Instead they bask in childlike excitement.

The duo celebrates its “Tales from the Savage Land” EP Saturday at Evening Muse with the Business People, Del Rio, and the Body Bags. Admission is $5-$7 and music begins at 10:30 p.m.