Darius Rucker giving back to SC by helping build affordable houses

Darius Rucker performs at Colonial Life Arena on April 5, 2017, in Columbia, S.C.
Darius Rucker performs at Colonial Life Arena on April 5, 2017, in Columbia, S.C. online@thestate.com

One of South Carolina’s biggest stars, Darius Rucker, is giving back to his home state by helping build 15 affordable houses with Habitat for Humanity in North Charleston.

The Hootie & the Blowfish frontman-turned-country-singer is partnering with Habitat and an exterior building company, Ply Gem, to build homes in the Joppa Way neighborhood, according to multiple news reports.

Rucker was on hand this week to help with construction of one of the homes, which will belong to a 31-year-old mother named Kenya, The Post & Courier reported.

“We pay rent every month and can’t paint a wall of the house we’re in now,” the woman told The Post & Courier. “This will give me something to pass along. It makes me proud to think I will own my own home.”

Rucker is an advocate for affordable housing.

He is an ambassador for Ply Gem’s nationwide “Home for Good” project, which aims to help house families across the U.S. and to educate communities about affordable housing issues, USA Today has reported.

“The prices in Charleston are going crazy,” Rucker told Charleston’s Live 5 News. “...And now everybody knows about this great city and everybody wants to move here and spend this crazy amount of money for homes and stuff like that. I want everyone to be able to live here. I want people to have places they can afford to live.”

It’s not Rucker’s first time stepping up to help get folks into affordable homes.

Earlier this year, Rucker helped deliver two new homes to families in Murfreesboro, Tenn., just outside of Nashville, according to USA Today.