What to Watch on Friday: ‘Dateline’ reports on a murder that took 61 detectives to solve


Dateline: She Didn’t Come Home (10 p.m., NBC) - Tonight’s “Dateline” tells the story of 40-year-old Katherine Dolan Heckel, who disappeared from Lock Haven, Pa., in 1991. Katherine had gone to work that July morning and talked to her daughter on the phone at noon. She then left on her lunch break and was never seen again. She left behind two children, her husband and her mother, all baffled by her disappearance. Josh Mankiewicz tells how it took 61 detectives over the course of nearly 30 years to solve the case.

Street Food (Netflix) - This new documentary series, from the creators of “Chef’s Table,” takes viewers to some of the world’s most vibrant cities to explore the rich culture of street food all over the globe. Season one explores nine countries across Asia, from the hawker stalls of Singapore to the food carts of India. Each episode highlights the stories of perseverance and culture that bring life to each country’s cuisine.

Blue Bloods (10 p.m., CBS) - Erin must convince Frank to back a new state police bill as part of a bargain she made with Gov. Mendez.

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