What to Watch on Sunday: Sharkfest begins! Here are the highlights.

Sharkfest on the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild - Nothing screams summer like sharks, and National Geographic starts a full week of super-sized shark programming today. And if a week on Nat Geo isn’t enough, sister channel Nat Geo Wild picks up on July 21 for two more weeks of Sharkfest. Here are some of the Sharkfest highlights you won’t want to miss on National Geographic Channel this week:

When Sharks Attack (July 14, 9 p.m. and July 15-19 at 8 p.m.) - A series examining shark attacks at beaches from America’s coastline and around the world. The aim here is to shed light on why and where shark encounters occur.

Cannibal Sharks (July 14, 10 p.m.) - Nat Geo describes this as a “Red Wedding-style battle for dominance.”

Great Shark Chow Down (July 15, 10 p.m.) - A celebration of sharks from around the world witnessed through five extraordinary shark feeding events.

Shark fin emerges from water in “Man vs. Shark” on the National Geographic Channel. Devon Massyn National Geographic

Whale That Ate Jaws: Eyewitness Reports (July 16, 10 p.m.) - A look at killer whales that have developed a taste for shark meat. Leading shark authorities are interviewed.

Man vs. Shark (July 17, 10 p.m.) - Marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan wears his specially designed armored suit so that he can go nose-to-nose and fin-to-fin to learn more about sharks and help preserve them.

Forecast: Shark Attack (July 18, 10 p.m.) - Can weather patterns help predict shark attacks? This special conducts an experiment to get the answer.

Boat surrounded by sharks in “Forecast: Shark Attacks” on the National Geographic Channel. National Geographic

Shark Movers: Deadly Cargo (July 19, 10 p.m.) - Two shark scientists catch, crane-lift and relocate several Bull Sharks from the busy harbor of Noumea to a pristine coral reef away from people. Can they adapt and thrive?

World’s Biggest Great White? (July 21, 8 p.m.) - This huge special documents the re-emergence of Deep Blue, a great white shark thought to be the largest ever filmed. Deep Blue, who has has not been captured on camera in nearly five years, is estimated to be 20 feet long and almost two and a half tons. This one will simulcast on both National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild.

Also on tonight . . .

In Bed with a Killer (8 p.m., Lifetime) - A single mother and her daughter move to a new town where she meets the man of her dreams — a man hiding some very dark secrets.

Our Cartoon President (8 p.m., Showtime) - In the Season 2 finale, Cartoon Trump launches Space Force.

Impact of Murder (10 p.m., Investigation Discovery) - This new true crime series puts the victim at the forefront, using the victim impact statements delivered in court as the catalyst for the story. In the first episode, the sister of upstate New York murder victim Bill Freitag discusses what it was like losing her brother and confronting his killer.

Some programming descriptions are provided by networks.