Charlotte’s Tremont Music Hall is closing after two decades

By Courtney Devores


Tremont Music Hall, located in South End
Tremont Music Hall, located in South End 2007 Observer File photo

Tremont Music Hall is the latest local music casualty of development in Charlotte.

The owner of the South End venue said Monday that Tremont will close after a 20-year run in December. John Hayes, the venue’s third owner, has operated the club for the last five years.

Tremont joins the Chop Shop in NoDa, which will likely close and have to relocate once Crescent Communities starts a new development along the Blue Line light rail.

The Tremont building, located at 400 W. Tremont Ave., has been sold as development in the SouthEnd neighborhood continues to move down South and Tryon.

Nearby on Camden Road – the property housing Black Sheep, Sirrus Salon, and the neighboring Common Market on Tryon Street as well as Food Truck Fridays – is also set to be sold. A new office building is planned for that lot.

In 2014 the historic Reflection Sound Studio on Central Ave. was sold. The recording studio where James Brown, R.E.M., Whitney Houston, and Robert Plant once recorded is now the site of a towering construction project, one of several condo and apartment complexes being erected on the outskirts of downtown.

Tremont’s last act is planned to be a local show December 19.

“Not only has it been my great honor to own Tremont the past five years but it has been a greater joy to get to know the many fine musicians, wrestlers, and comedians that Tremont has hosted,” said Hayes. “Sadly, some things must change as economic prosperity moves into South End. My hope is that the 20 years of Tremont Music Hall will be remembered fondly; as we have worked very hard to make everyone who came through the doors feel like part of the Tremont Family.”

Mecklenburg property records show the 2.4-acre lot is owned by Joseph and Mary Hicks, who could not be reached Monday. No land sale had been recorded as of Monday, according to property records, which can lag such sales.

Staff writer Ely Portillo contributed