Eat offbeat

Sometimes, the parts are greater than the whole. Here are some such parts you might consider; they're an acquired taste, to varying degrees, but fans swear by them.

1. Frog legs at GW Fins. They started selling like hotcakes recently, I'm told. They're served pan-fried, with a creamy lemon butter sauce and fried capers. (And frog legs taste … like chicken. No, really.) They don't have them on a consistent basis, but they do get them in occasionally, says a spokeswoman. So it's best to call ahead (704-716-3467). 525 N. Tryon St.

2. Speaking of chicken, feet are sold on Dragon Court's “Real Chinese Cuisine” menu (meaning the one behind the one listing chow mein). 4520 N. Tryon St.

3. Oxtails are served up daily at Down to the Bone, where their tender richness is shown off well. 7945 N. Tryon St. (Noticing this northern Tryon progression?)

4. Pork brains at John's Country Kitchen. Aficionados swear by this high-protein pork (at least compared with, say, bacon), served here with soft-cooked eggs and grits. 1518 Central Ave.

5. Gator bites at Boudreaux's – flash-fried Louisiana alligator tail meat with Cajun “mayeaux,” that is – are crispy/tender and delish. 501 E. 36th St.

Helen Schwab