Suggestions for Italian, Chinese

Readers wonder:

Where to find “good, authentic non-pizza Italian food.”

This (from John in Concord, who recommends Rosario's Pizza in Concord, by the way) is tricky: It depends on whether you're looking for up- or mid-scale regional Italian, or more of a comfortable Italian-American style of food.

If the former, you might start by trying Fiamma and Dolce (both in Dilworth, near uptown), and Augusto Conte's places (Luce, Coco, Il Posto and Positano). If the latter, Portofino (multiple locations) might be a better place to begin.

Why smoking/nonsmoking information is no longer included in the information box that runs with my restaurant reviews.

We've trimmed some things to streamline that box. But smoking or nonsmoking information, along with restaurant inspection scores, can be found online anytime at Mecklenburg County's Digital Health Department Web site: http://mecklenburg.digitalhealthdepartment.com/.

Where one can go for good Chinese food. This reader laments, “This is hard to find in Charlotte.”

I'm a fan of Dragon Court, at Sugar Creek and Tryon, and TOMI, at Colony Place. The first is classic, in spare decor (be sure to order from the second part of the menu, dubbed “real chinese”); the second more modern and upscale.