Keep kids safe at amusement parks

Many families visit amusement parks during the summer. They're fun excursions, but take precautions before heading out.

All children, including teenagers, should have some form of identification on their bodies. Make sure it's not visible to strangers. You don't want a stranger to emotionally disarm your child by calling them by name.

Point out security and park personnel to your kids right when you arrive, so they know who to go to in case there is a problem.

Pick a meeting spot. Make it specific. Don't just say the main entrance, which could be confusing. Say the fountain by the main gate. Have your family meet at the meeting spot several times during the day. It can also be used in the event a family member gets lost.

Take a photo with your cell phone when you arrive; if your child becomes lost, it will be helpful to authorities since they'll also know what he or she is wearing.

Big parking lots are hotspots for thieves. Remove all valuables from your car before you get to the park.