$75 coffee with your $95 steak, sir?

Next time Mary Easley stops in, here's where I'll send her. (Y'all can use this list for the next time clients say they're buying, or mom offers to pay, or you win the lottery.)

1. A burger

The Kintarô Burger at Cosmos Café is the obvious choice for those already in the know, but she might not have heard about it. Here's the description: “A 16-oz Kobe Beef Pattie stuffed with braised beef tenderloin, foie gras and black truffle topped with roasted tomato fondue, caramelized onion, Boston lettuce and horseradish mayonnaise served on parmesan bun.” Plus you get onion rings (or fries) for no additional cost! Just $34.95. 300 N. College St.; 704-372-3553.

2. A little Chinese takeout.

But maybe not a carton of fried rice – how about shark fin soup from Dim Sum (2920 Central Ave.)? At $140 a bowl (it does serve 10), why not special-order it? 704-569-1128.

3. Some mac-n-cheese

Of course, it's better with a little lobster, and for $21, Andrew Blair's will fix you up. 1600 Montford Drive; 704-525-8282.

4. A simple cup o' joe.

The Deluxe Presidential Private Reserve Premier Grand Cru Arabica whole bean version of legendary Colombian heritage coffee, Ospina (based in Matthews), can be had online for a mere $75 per 14 ounces. ospinacoffee.com.

5. Or maybe just a baked potato, please

At Morton's (Uptown and SouthPark), $8 gets you one. If you've got some change, and you're a little more peckish, you could spring for the $95, 48-ounce porterhouse. Or maybe, just maybe, you'd consider the steal of a $19.78 Prime sirloin burger, offered through September. Five dollars from every one sold goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Helen Schwab