Now even cups show us movies!

Item from Film Journal magazine:

“Xtreme Graphics launched a drinkware line featuring full-motion video effects on promotional cups, collaborating with 7-Eleven for the Slurpee campaign tied to ‘Iron Man.' The new technology, capable of capturing up to 24 frames of animation … enhances effects such as morph, burst, twirl and reveal. For more information, visit www.xtremegraphics.com.”

Does this disturb you as much as it does me? Six years ago, the movie “Minority Report” warned of a future where advertisements came to life as we walked by, calling us by name and using our sales history to seduce us into stores. This “lenticular” line of soft drink cups, to use the company's terminology, seems the first baby step toward that horrifying future. (Although I'd benefit from a Slurpee cup that said, “Put me down until you lose another 15 pounds, pal.”)

Is it old-fashioned to wish for a piece of waxed paper that didn't morph, burst, twirl or reveal – that did nothing more than contain my diet cola? Must there be visual or auditory stimulation every moment in our society, even if it lasts only one second? (Film moves at 24 frames per second before your eyes, so fast that you have the illusion of continuous motion in theaters.)

If our eyes can never be at rest, the world will be a blur of images that lose their meanings, and we'll be desensitized to things that really matter. As Daffy Duck once begged, “Shoot me now.”