Tween idols: Meet the Jonas Brothers

In a little over a year, the Jonas Brothers have gone from playing for audiences in the double digits to performing in front of 20,000 screaming young fans. Last fall, they opened for Miley Cyrus on her “Best of Both Worlds” tour. This summer, they're big enough to headline their own show.

The Disney-bred teen pop group brings their “Burning Up” tour to Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on Tuesday. Kevin, Joe and Nick talked to the Observer recently to discuss the tour, their upcoming album “A Little Bit Longer” and, oh yeah, the girls.

Q: Growing up, who were some of your major musical influences?

Joe Jonas: There's been a lot. The major ones are like Jefferson Starship, Prince, Johnny Cash, some of the old stuff. We've grown up on the Bee Gees from our parents. And we love Switchfoot and their record, “The Beautiful Letdown.” (It) really influenced us through our music. We discover new music every day and we continually are adding things to our iTunes list.

Q: Is the new album (due Aug. 12) going to be a big change from your old sound?

Nick Jonas: The new album is actually not that big of a change. It's a really good, you know, continuation of the last record. … But it's got these different influences in it, people like Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Prince.

Q: What are each of your favorite songs on the new album and why?

Kevin Jonas: One of my favorite songs on the album is a song called “Can't Have You.” It's just a passionate … love song about missing someone and wanting to be with them.

Joe Jonas: For me I think my favorite song on the record (is) “Push Me Away.”

Nick Jonas: And for me I think … “Can't Have You” is probably my favorite song on the record.

Q: What is the best element of your new tour?

Kevin Jonas: Some really cool production elements. It's amazing. I don't want to give any secrets, but there's a lot of fire and a lot of pyro, which is definitely fun.

Q: Don't you have family in Charlotte?

Kevin Jonas: (All of our) father's side of the family. We love touring there when we can.

Q: Do you get to visit much with them while you're here?

Kevin Jonas: We make sure we get time. We bring them to the venue and make sure we get to visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

Q: Do you ever have time to date, and would you like to?

Nick Jonas: We are very busy and we do find time to date and hang out with girls. None of us are in relationships, because it's a little hard to be, especially if you're going to be on the road as much as we are. But we do find time. Like I said, we date and hang out. Love girls.

Q: You guys have accomplished so much within the past year, but what event meant the most to you?

Nick Jonas: Just to see that the fans are so supportive and to see that “Burnin' Up” going to No. 1 was kind of (amazing) for us. We were all, like, jumping around and screaming and yelling. Everything just kind of makes us feel so loved, because the fans really show how much they love and care about us, and that just makes us feel so good.

Freelance music writer Courtney Devores contributed.