Safety tips for college students

Heading off to college is an exciting time for young people. But it's important to inform your child how to stay safe while living on campus for the first time. Here are some questions to ask:

Are the dorms same-sex or co-ed? Are there “freshmen-only” residence halls? Is alcohol allowed in the dorm?

Are the entrances locked all the time? Do residents have a standard key or electronic access cards? Are visitors required to sign in?

Are the windows locked, and are there panic alarms in the rooms?

Are campus security officers sworn police with firearms? Do they patrol 24 hours a day? Is there video surveillance of the campus?

Can students request an escort to and from buildings at night?

Will you get information so you can do a background check on roommates-to-be? How does the college resolve roommate conflicts?

You should be able to get this information – as well as campus crime statistics – from campus security.