Keep kids safe around pools

During the dog days of August, many children are heading to the pool to cool off. But remember: Children are very vulnerable around water – so take the appropriate safety precautions.

Teach children to swim at as early an age as possible.

Do not allow your child in a pool where there is not adequate trained supervision.

Make sure any pool your child swims in has proper rescue equipment. Become familiar with how to use it, even at public pools.

Have your child wear appropriate safety vests while in and around the water. Pool toys should not act as a substitute.

If you are supervising a child, you should not be on your cell phone.

If you have your own pool, remember a cover does not act as a safety shield. Install a lockable fence.

If your child is visiting a friend who lives at a home with a pool, talk to the parents about how they will be supervising the children.