Take precautions to reduce chances of being carjacked

Carjackings can happen anytime and anywhere. Here are some precautions to take:

Put your car key on a “quick-release” key chain. Detach it from your other keys when driving so if you're carjacked, the thieves don't have your house key.

Keep your car windows closed and the doors locked.

While driving, take note of cars that appear to be following you. If a trailing car is making you uncomfortable, go to a busy area and call 911 from your car.

Stay in the left lane (farthest from the curb) when stopped at a red light. A carjacker would have to cross traffic to get to you.

Back into parking spaces. This will make a getaway easier if you are approached by a stranger. It also helps you keep dangers in front of you when loading groceries into your trunk.

Remember, your car is not worth your life. If someone tries to carjack you, give up the vehicle, get away and call 911.