Why should we seek forgiveness?

Q. I've really made a mess of my life and now I'm suffering the consequences. But why should I bother asking God for forgiveness? It won't change anything.

I have often written that one of life's hardest lessons is that we cannot turn back the clock. When we make a wrong decision or act foolishly, we have to live with the consequences.

For one thing, seeking God's forgiveness is the only way to deal with your guilt. Down inside you know you have done wrong; you feel unclean and ashamed for what you've done. But if you turn to Christ and seek his forgiveness, God will take away your burden of guilt.

You also need God's forgiveness because you need God – and right now your sin is keeping you from him. You need his wisdom to keep from making wrong decisions, and you need his strength to resist temptation and live according to his will.

God loves you, in spite of the way you've been living, and he wants you to know him and know the peace he alone can give. Open your heart to Jesus Christ today.