He got to play with the pros

The grand-prize winner of our Championships at the Palisades contest – John Barringer, 56, of Charlotte – shares a few thoughts on his experience at the private tennis clinic he attended last Friday:

“The rain caused a last-second change of venue, but that worked in my favor since it relocated to Olde Providence Racquet Club, which is close to my home. … (Jim) Courier, Todd Martin, Aaron Krickstein and Goran Ivanisevic (were all there). … I just started chatting with them – it was awesome. Next thing I knew, we were on the court with all four of the players and about 15 participants.

“We did various drills, getting wonderful feedback for about an hour. We had some competitive drills where we got to challenge the pros, which made it compelling. I was impressed at how genuine and fun these guys were; could have easily done it for several more hours. Afterwards, there was a photo op session. I really enjoyed it!

“As a side note, I was a collegiate player and have stayed close to the game all these years – this was definitely a top-five memory for me!”