Like sneaky-good music? Say Hi

Listening to some records is like falling in love.

Sometimes it's lust-like and instantaneous – you just want to play it over and over, but the attraction can burn out fast. Other albums sneak up on you slowly. I'm thinking of the National or Superchunk, indie bands with subtlety and lyrics that grow on you.

I'd put Say Hi to Your Mom's last two albums in the latter category. The Seattle-based indie-rock band, which is now known simply as Say Hi, is the brainchild of songwriter Eric Elbogen.

Say Hi plays the Milestone on Tuesday. It'll be nice to catch them, since I missed their show here in 2006. Skipping the show prompted me to really start to listen to the album it had out at the time, “Impeccable Blahs.” That's when I fell hard.

It combined three of my great loves: vampires, humor and slow, brooding indie-rock. It even referenced characters from my beloved “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” In fact, Elbogen has a thing for sci-fi themes (he's also penned tracks about robots and video games).

His latest, “The Wishes and the Glitch,” tones down the geeky lyrics – and it's just as good as previous records.