Check into T-day options at hotels

Q. After cooking Thanksgiving dinner most of the time for my family for over 50 years, we are planning to go out to eat this year. What are your recommendations for places to go to? I know it is early but didn't want to wait too long to find out.

Thanksgiving is tricky. Hotel restaurants are your most reliable bet to be serving; other places sometimes do and sometimes don't, and tend not to decide until uncomfortably close (for planning folks) to the holiday. So I'd suggest checking with hotels accessible to you. A few I've heard praise for are Ember Grille at the uptown Westin, Ballantyne Resort and Monticello at the Dunhill (also uptown).

Reader Troy Porter touted Upstream (Phillips Place), which had a buffet last year and “nailed it. All of the Thanksgiving staples were done very well,” and there was a Brussels sprouts side he said he still dreams about. Upstream plans this year's buffet for 11 a.m.-7 p.m., $29.95 per person, $14.95 for 12 and younger – and yes, the sprouts are slated to be there.

Other recommendations? E-mail me at hschwab@charlotteobserver .com.

Note: Entrees at Fleming's, listed in last week's Eat Beat, range from about $25 to $43.