Dig this: Win Gravediggers' tix

We're just eight days away from Gravediggers' Ball, uptown bar Dixie's Tavern's annual Halloween party.

The 18-and-over show is being headlined by Katy Perry, best known for the bi-curious anthem “I Kissed a Girl” (which – if you listen to Top-40 radio and/or are a big clubgoer – you've probably heard a bajillion times in '08). Reportedly, she'll do a full set, not just two or three songs.

To get an idea of what the scene at this concert will be like, picture hundreds of guys and hundreds of young women “dressed” as sexy nurses, sexy cheerleaders, sexy witches, sexy Sarah Palins, etc., all bouncing up and down with beers in their hands while screaming “ The taste of her cherry ChapStick”…

Sound like a good time? It could be your lucky day: I've got a few pairs of tickets to the Dixie's bash to give away. Shoot me an e-mail at tjanes@charlotte observer.com (by 9 a.m. Monday) – and briefly explain why this sounds like a good time.