Sexy is good, and so is this cause

Yo, Uptown magazine: Did you guys not get the 18-page bio and the glossy photos I sent as part of my self-nomination for your “Seven Sexiest” list?

I mean, how could you pick Brotha' Fred over me?

Oh, well. I guess the Observer should be happy it got one person on Uptown's October cover.

Don't miss your chance to mingle with our pop culture writer Sarah Aarthun as she and her “sexy” peers are honored by the publication at uptown nightclub Hom (116 W. Fifth St.) from 7 to 9 tonight. The highlight is a silent auction to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation that will feature some amazing goodies.

Sarah will be the one in the short, multicolored dress; I'll be the one sulking in the corner.

Other places you'll find me this weekend: the second annual Runway 5K Run at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Saturday morning (704- 359-7929), and “Traces” – which Observer theater critic Lawrence Toppman gave four stars – at McGlohon Theatre at 2 p.m. Sunday.