Madonna's older brother says he's homeless

Madonna's brother is reportedly homeless and living under a bridge in Michigan after losing his job a year and a half ago.

"My family turned their back on me, basically, when I was having a hard time," Anthony Ciccone told the Michigan Messenger website. "You think I haven't answered this kind of question a bazillion times: Why my sister is a multibazillionaire and I'm homeless on the street?"

Ciccone said he had been working at his father's winery in Sutton's Bay, Mich., but now works odd jobs and collects recyclables.

Michigan native Madonna Louise Ciccone was the third of six children. Anthony, 55, is one of the pop star's older brothers; her younger brother, Christopher Ciccone, released an unflattering tell-all in 2008 about life with Madonna.

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Defense case begins

for Jackson's doctor

Defense attorneys for the doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson began their case Monday after prosecutors presented a portrait of the physician as the inept, distracted engineer of the King of Pop's death.

The defense, in a conference at the judge's bench, made a routine motion for a directed verdict of acquittal for Dr. Conrad Murray, but it was not argued, and the judge rejected it, saying he would allow the jury to decide the case.

Defense lawyers have said they will have 15 witnesses but have not publicly revealed whether they will call Murray to testify.

Jurors have heard from the doctor through a more than two-hour interview with police, and it seems unlikely his attorneys would subject their client to blistering questioning from prosecutors.

Prosecutors rested their case earlier in the day after four weeks of testimony from 33 witnesses. Associated Press

Zooey Deschanel sings the national anthem

Zooey Deschanel sang the national anthem Sunday night at Game 4 of the World Series, receiving a big cheer from the crowd. She played the song straight and remembered all the words

Unlike Christina Aguilera and Cyndi Lauper before her - and even poor little Scotty McCreery, criticized just days ago by some who heard the words "No, Jose" rather his country-accented "Oh, say" before Game 1 of the series - "New Girl" star Deschanel delivered an accurate "Star-Spangled Banner" free of embellishments at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

Perhaps being an MLB veteran helped the actress and singer. She'd done "God Bless America" for a seventh-inning stretch during a National League Championship Series game last October.

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