Patrons of the Arts: Anu Murthy and Sathya Jyothingaram

Anu Murthy, right, and Sathya Jyothingaram have lived in Charlotte since 1994, when they moved from Boston. They made acquaintance with their new home's arts community by taking their young sons to Children's Theatre of Charlotte and Discovery Place, then got to know other groups. They're donors to the Arts & Science Council.

Adopted city: Murthy, a hospital administrator, came to Charlotte "kind of kicking and screaming," she says. She and Jyothingaram, a physician, had spent four years in Boston and didn't think Charlotte could compare. But they were won over by taking part in community groups, from health care charities to their sons' PTA. "I just kept raising my hand and started getting involved," Murthy says. Now, "I feel like a Charlotte booster."

Cultural cause: A couple of years after they moved here, Jyothingaram says, the play "Angels in America" caused a furor, and Mecklenburg County cut its support of the ASC. That's when the couple began donating. "The public needs to support it, in whatever way they can, however small or big it may be. Eventually, all these small contributions add up and make the city stronger and more vibrant."