Online videos getting more foul, poll says

Americans think online videos are getting more offensive, according to results of a new survey released this month.

Qumu, an enterprise video service, says 34 percent of those responding to its Harris poll said the top-ranked trend in online videos is that they are becoming more offensive. Another 28 percent thought online videos are getting more sexual; 21 percent thought they are getting more "pervasive" and 18 percent said they are getting funnier. The survey of 2,361 Americans ages 18 and older was held in September.

The poll also found that more men had watched online videos (92 percent) in the last year than women (88 percent), with men ages 18-34 watching the most online videos (97 percent).

The commercially coveted 18-34 category found online videos had become "funnier" in the past year more than any other age group. Meanwhile, 54 percent of online Americans 45-54 said they noticed online videos becoming more pervasive over the past year.