Patron of the Arts: John Witherington

Growing up in Memphis, banker John Witherington lived in a city full of cultural activity, and his family immersed him in it. When he moved to Charlotte eight years ago, he saw an arts community with room to develop. Witherington served on the founding board of the NoDa School of Arts, which offers after-school and summer programs for young people. Now he's a contributor to the Arts & Science Council and a member of its Young Donors Society.

Youthful awakening: "We weren't a sports family. And I'm horribly, horribly uncoordinated. I found more of my passion in theater and the arts. I did a lot of theater when I was young, and I took piano lessons for 14 years. That was where I found myself and my being. ... everyone has some kind of artistic or creative talent."

By accident: That, Witherington says, is how he landed in the ASC's 40-and-under Young Donors Society. He inadvertently was giving enough to qualify.

Providing opportunities: The ASC has raised money to reinstate some programs at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. "Hopefully, we can make a difference there. Just think about all that needs to be done."

More info: artsandscience.org; nodaschoolofarts.org.