Charlotte art class offers unique experience

We can’t all paint like Picasso, or can we?

A new trend is turning everyday folks into artists - at least for a night.

And some say it’s part of a bigger trend that has Charlotte turning into more of an arts town than ever before.

It is art class for adults. There are even adult beverages

"This is the ultimate happy hour - having a glass of wine and painting and unwinding,” said Jacey Britton.

Wine Palette Owner Monika Shah said, “It’s usually people who say hey I painted when I was in the 3rd grade, but I want to try it again.”

The Wine Palette is a paint and sip studio in Plaza Midwood - where friends are encouraged to grab more friends - and a bottle of wine.

“In our busy lives, people don't get a chance to just relax and be creative, socialize and have a good time - we offer that option,” Shah said.

Real artists guide the people with uh, less experience to creating their own masterpiece.

“It’s funny when they first come in, hesitant, like there's no way I’m going to paint this then they drink some wine enjoy myself..and their painting is fantastic when they leave

“I really have no painting experience so it’s been interesting..how to mix the colors, and use different brushes..and you can paint over your mistakes,” said Melissa Megahee.

The Wine Palette opened about six months ago and a handful of other similar shops have opened across Charlotte. The artists - the instructors - think they know why.

“I think that Charlottes art scene is coming around and its very exciting I felt like there wasn't a lot of art in Charlotte and now we have all the new art museums uptown that weren't here five years ago - and now a sip and paint studio..people are definitely taking an interest!”Britton said.

And they sayit's just fun.

“I love just having an outlet of doing something creative, I've been that way my whole life and I love to see other people have an option. It’s very relaxing, very calming, you can have a bad day and pick up a brush - your stress melts away.”