'Slam'ming comedy comes to McGlohon

One of the hardest chores an actor has is to pretend to do badly something that he does extremely well. That kind of comic ineptitude runs amuck in the mockumentary "Asphalt Revolution: Vandals of Verse," which gets its premiere Thursday in McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square, 345 N. College St.

Everything about the Charlotte-based project is homegrown, from the direction by 26-year-old Sam Miller to locales - including Spirit Square itself, where a slam competition is set - to the film's title, which comes from the name Concrete Generation (a top-tier poetry collective).

Miller's description of the story is apt: "This warped comedy offers a biting glimpse into the world of Slam Poetry, a competitive performance art that can sometimes produce writers with egos bigger than their vocabularies." It shows bickering, egomaniacal members of Asphalt Revolution swaggering and struggling toward the National Poetry Slam Championship after barely losing the same title last season.

In reality, the local poets of Concrete Generation have actually been national slam champs. They have written, produced, co-directed, scored and starred in this film with no outside funding, and this is their first feature-length project.