Patron of the Arts: Florence Jaffa

Florence Jaffa, a painter and printmaker, has been involved with Central Piedmont Community College for years. In 1966, she took her first class at CPCC, and she is still a student today. Jaffa takes printmaking classes in the Florence and Ben Jaffa Jr. Printmaking Studio, dedicated in 2006 to honor the couple.

Background: Jaffa has always been surrounded by charitable family members who understood the meaning of tzedakah (the Hebrew word for charitable giving). She learned it from her parents, lived it with her late husband, Ben, and taught it to her children and grandchildren.

Giving back: She traces her personal joy of giving to 1974 when educating and empowering women to make independent gifts was a new concept. It was when she traveled to Israel for the first time.

Quoting: "Whatever I have given, either with my time or financial support, I have been rewarded by knowing that I have helped in some way to share what I have with others. I have always tried to do what I thought was the right thing to do."