Keeping positive, and another win on 'Biggest Loser'

Hi Charlotte! Welcome to week #6 of my Biggest Loser journey!

So this week started with our fate dangling over a pool! That fatewas Mr. Bob Harper. When we learned about the challenge everybody wasconcerned about Black Team’s chances, except Cassandra and I. Theywere all worried about the ratio of boys to girls on our team, but Iwas actually pretty confident in our strength. Plus, Bob also gave usa stern warning before he climbed up over the pool that he did NOTwant to get wet that night! And who in their right mind would allowtheir fully clothed trainer to be dropped in a pool of water – youwould definitely pay for that in a later workout!

At the start of the challenge I was feeling strong, had a good grip onmy rope, and liked that Chism and I were next to each other. We werea good combo because we are both strong and know how to keep apositive attitude. We were even singing show tunes on and off! Astime went on, my arms and hands definitely started to burn, but I knewthere was no way I would let go of that rope no matter how bad ithurt! The whole advantage of being on the Biggest Loser ranch isbeing able to have an expert trainer like Bob there to help us alongthe way and I was not about to lose that over some forearm pain. AsI heard the red team dropping out one by one, I encouraged my team tohold on just a little longer. Low and behold all seven of us stayedstrong and kept our precious Bob out of the water.

Although I was super happy to have my trainer this week, I did havesympathy for the Red Team losing Dolvett, especially because myroommate Kim was tasked with taking on the role of the team’s trainer.This added responsibility definitely stressed her out throughout theweek. When we’d retire to our room at night she would share with mehow much pressure she was feeling. She was not only worried about herown weight loss but also nervous about if she was pushing her teamhard enough. I would try to reassure her that she was doing the bestshe could do and she really did do a great job!

In the mean time, my team was doing some pretty intense workouts withBob. I don’t know about the rest of the Black Team, but I wasappreciating every minute of it! We even had the pleasure of goingoff the ranch to Griffith Park – one of the most beautiful parks inLos Angeles. This was the most intense, grueling, sweaty,'crossfit'-type hike I’ve ever experienced, but it was incredible atthe same time. While I was racing up the hill carrying a 12 poundmedicine ball, I found myself letting go of the negative thoughts thatwere trying to pop into my head. The Emily I was before the ranchwould have allowed herself to get overwhelmed by the pain anddifficulty of the exercises. But, on this hike I felt myself growinginto a better place mentally. I was no longer focusing on how hardthese tasks were and I just allowed myself to embrace what the workoutwas doing for my body and appreciate the incredible beauty of where Iwas.

All the hard work paid off at the weigh in – I hit my lucky number 7for pound lost! I was really proud of all I did this week and my teamwon yet another weigh in! Knowing there was lots of drama going onaround me I tried to just stay focused on myself and why I’m here. Nochaos or confusion as Bob always says!

Okay until next week (Valentine’s Day) I wish you peace and love.Keep tuning in -- STAY HEALTHY CLT!