Patron of the arts: Richard and Nikki Jarrell

For Richard and Nikki Jarrell, it was love at first listen when they met at The Evening Muse in NoDa. Their shared interest in the arts propelled them into the local cultural scene. Married since 2010, the Jarrells are members of the Arts & Science Council's Young Donor Society. Richard's love of singing and Nikki's business savvy make them a well-balanced team.

A chance meeting: Music brought Richard and Nikki together. "We hit it off and we had a lot in common," said Richard. The Jarrells love the close-knit Charlotte arts scene. "We seem to run into people we know at events," said Nikki. "We really like the sense of community."

The artist: Richard has been singing and playing music since childhood. For the past two years, he has been an affiliate bass/baritone singer for The Oratorio Singers of Charlotte, the official chorus of the Charlotte Symphony. He believes KnightSounds, the series of CSO Pulse, the Symphony's young affiliate group, will reach a different group of people that wouldn't normally come see a classical concert.

The producer: Nikki believes arts programs bring a lot of companies here or keep a lot of companies here. These programs are personally fulfilling, and they add growth to our local community.