Teacher of the Arts: Andrew Linton

Ceramics teacher Andrew Linton loves to play in the clay. Since 2000, he has taught classes at Pottery Central for adults and kids. Students learn how to make functional and aesthetic objects. Under Linton's supervision, kids as young as 7 safely use the spinning pottery wheel. One of Linton's pieces, a large pitcher, will be displayed at the Mint Museum Randolph through January 2013.

Distinguished ceramist: Linton received two bachelor's degrees in fine arts from East Carolina University in painting and art education and in ceramics, and he received the Distinguished Ceramist Award. "That was definitely a boost," he said.

From canvas to wheel: There is a more technical aspect to this than a lot of other art forms, he said. Linton can build kilns, mix his own glazes and use unique firing techniques. "I could measure my success and the success of my students really easily through skill-based work," he said.

Shaping a legacy: Leaving a mark in the art world or in ceramic arts is my goal, he said. Linton hopes students will always make time for pottery: "If it catches with the person, they'll be able to explore it the rest of their lives."