Patron of the Arts: Whitney Greene

Whitney Greene is a founding member of CSO Pulse, the Young Affiliates of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. The planning committee guru organizes music events for members in their 20s and 30s. As the group prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary, Greene hopes to add monthly happy hours to the repertoire.

Getting started: "I jumped at the chance to be a part of something new and exciting," Greene said. She now meets once a month with the CSO Pulse board to plan cultural events.

Fresh faces: CSO Pulse welcomes new people to learn about the group before joining. "It's a great way to bring everything together," Greene said. Members can invite guests to events like the KnightSounds concert series. On March 23, KnightSounds will present "To Tchaikovsky with Love" with conductor Christopher Warren-Green.

Audition: Singing became a part of Greene's life thanks to her mom. She signed her daughter up to audition for Charlotte Children's Choir in fifth grade. "That was one of the best things my mom ever did for me," Greene said. She rediscovered her passion when she joined the Oratorio Singers of Charlotte three years ago.