‘Daily Show’ will film in Charlotte

Welcome to the debut of DISH ON DNC.

That’s DISH as in gossip and DNC = Democratic National Convention.

Every week, we’ll share scuttlebutt re: that certain event that’s bringing 35,000+ people to uptown Charlotte in September.

In other words, we want to impart the Conventional Wisdom (get it?) on everything from celebs to politicos to delegates to journos to parties (as in Dems and the GOP) to PAR-TAYS!

Here’s what we’re hearing this week . . .

‘Daily Show’ will film in Charlotte

Sources tell us that Jon Stewart’s people are talking to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s people about parking “The Daily Show” at ImaginOn during convention week.

The word around town is that the two sides are negotiating big bucks.

Asked if he’s talking to the NYC-based folks at Comedy Central’s popular “newscast,” Library CEO Vick Phillips said: “We haven’t signed a contract with anybody.”

Top Library Guy Phillips said he wouldn’t disclose who he’s been talking with about renting library space, including ImaginOn on East Seventh Street (also home to Children’s Theatre).

But since October, he said, “We’ve talked to scads of people. We have had serious negotiations two or three times, but by the next (library) board meeting, they weren’t there.”

Renata Luczak, spokeswoman for “The Daily Show,” wouldn’t talk about where the show would set up shop in Charlotte, only that it will broadcast from here Tuesday through Friday of convention week.

“They’ve always gone on the road convention week,” Luczak said. “So they’ll be going to the DNC and the RNC.” (She means the Republican National Convention, in Tampa, Fla., in August)

And, yes, she confirmed, Stewart himself will be in the Queen City to do his funny anchor thing. Tim Funk

Restaurant plans to offer ‘Obamalet’

The main order of business once Dem delegates hit town around Labor Day will be to re-nominate President Barack Obama for a second term.

And Charlotte restaurant owner Brian Burchill wants to honor that bit of history – and maybe get some of that Dem delegate money – by naming a dish after the president.

Think eggs, etc.

That’s right: The menu at Toast of Dilworth – Burchill’s eatery at 2400 Park Road – will soon list an omelet named for Obama.

He’s planning to call it the “Obamalet.”

What will it include besides the eggs?

“We’re doing research on his favorite ingredients,” said Burchill, a native New Yorker who also owns a Toast Café in Davidson.

Research? At the Library of Congress? Or Johnson & Wales?

“The Internet,” he reported.

Burchill is also cooking up ideas for other dishes named for big-time Dems. Maybe a stuffed French toast named after globe-trotting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, he said.

And Veep Joe Biden, he of the blue collar roots?

“Well,” mused Burchill, “I’d think more pancakes for that guy.” Tim Funk

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