Teacher of the Arts: Sterling Masters

For Sterling Masters, teaching dance is in the genes. The Charlotte native had an early introduction to the art in mother Jami Masters’ studio. For the past two years, she has been the dance captain for the national touring company of “Wicked.” She teaches entire roles, movement and blocking to each performer. Masters has also taught at her mother’s studio, choreographing solos and coaching students.

Like mother, like daughter: Masters first stepped into her mother’s dance classes at age 2 1/2. She watched until she was old enough to join. “I loved what she loved,” she said. “I danced all the time.”

All that jazz: After her freshman year at Florida State University studying musical theater, Masters was cast in the national tour of “Fosse.” She left college to pursue the opportunity and has been on tour for seven and a half years.

Dancing through life: Masters’ best lesson is to dance from the heart. “Passion comes across onstage sometimes more than actual technique,” she says. “Someone can tell if you’re just a technician that goes through the motions or if you’re someone that actually enjoys what you do from the inside.”