Teacher of the Arts: Rocio Gonzalez

As a singer and songwriter, Rocio Gonzalez helps teachers use the arts to meet curriculum requirements. Through creative tools such as dance, music, drama, songs and games, students are introduced to a fun and interactive process of learning. Originally from Colombia, Gonzalez often incorporates Latin American culture into her work.

Love of the arts: Gonzalez works part time in management information systems; however, seven years ago, after the birth of her daughter, she became interested in sharing her lifelong love of the arts. She felt pushed to “find an avenue to share my talents with others, in particular with children,” and she is putting together a collection of children’s songs.

Two programs, one purpose: Gonzalez works with two programs: Blumenthal Performing Art’s Education Institute and the Arts & Science Council’s Wolf Trap. The goal is to bring the arts into the classroom as a way to enhance learning. Some concepts she covers are counting, self control, motor skills and vocabulary.

The rewards: When she sees the “sparkle in teachers’ eyes” and “they realize that the children love it and become more involved and immerse themselves in the activities, making learning a very pleasant experience.”