Patron of the Arts: Deb Watson

Deb Watson knows that the show can’t go on without funding. When her daughter, Kacie, started at Northwest School of the Arts, productions were fraught with microphone and equipment malfunctions. Watson was stunned at how difficult it was to raise funds. She pledged $2,500 and her employer matched the pledge.

Like mother, like daughter: Watson first fell in love with theater when she was 8. “I can still tell you what I saw, what I wore and what the theater looked like,” she says. She instilled that passion in her daughter.

Day job: Watson encouraged her daughter to be multitalented in the arts and academia. Kacie takes musical theater and playwriting in addition to her regular studies. The Merit Scholar winner plans to major in behavioral science in college next year and nurture her love of theater on the side.

Passing the torch: Watson hopes people will contribute to NWSA and other art outlets with matching programs from their employer. “You get quality performances for a very low price,” she says. “It’s an investment in these kids who are absolutely amazing.” Joanne Spataro, Correspondent