Teacher of the Arts: Anu Shenoy

Dance teacher Anu Shenoy puts a little Bhangra in her students’ steps. In 2009, the dancer switched from a career in government policy to open the Anokha Dance Company. The classes blend her Indian classical dance training with modern movement.

The basics: Shenoy first learned the classical form of Bharatnatyam back home in southern India at the age of 5. “My goal is for my students to be good at all styles of dance,” she says. “They are not pigeonholed into one style.”

Hooray for Bollywood: Students love learning popular dances featured in Bollywood, the booming movie industry in India. “What you’re learning in the classical dance, you are putting to use in the Bollywood dance,” she says.

Unlikely student: While Shenoy’s classes perform four to five shows a year at the Hindu Center of Charlotte, she has one particularly special student: “I must be doing something right for my husband to be interested in trying it out,” she says.