McColl Center sets Rube Goldberg contest

This fall (September 20 to November 16) McColl Center for Visual Art will present sculptor Joseph Herscher’s first solo exhibition in the United States .

Herscher, a self-taught kinetic artist, uses familiar objects in unfamiliar ways to create surrealist landscapes comprised of a series of chain reactions. Inspired by Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg’s absurd and elaborate inventions, Herscher employs principals of physics and engineering as well creative wit and humor to create highly complicated and convoluted devices that perform simple, energy-saving tasks in elaborately wasteful ways.

Area schools and universities are invited to compete with their original chain-reaction inventions. Winning high school and college teams are eligible to participate in the National Rube Goldberg Machine Competition in 2014. Middle school teams are invited to participate in a special exposition of their machines.

For information on how to participate contact: Lisa Hoffman, Director of Environmental Program and Community Engagement, 704-332-5535 ext 224 or lhoffman@mccollcenter.org.