Danica Patrick shoots GoDaddy ad in Charlotte

As GoDaddy ads go, this one will wind up being pretty tame.

It wasn’t set in a shower, or on a massage table. It didn’t involve a beauty making out with a geek, like the domain name registrar and Web hosting provider’s recent Super Bowl ad.

Danica Patrick – GoDaddy’s most famous spokesperson – did wear form-fitting workout clothes for the photo and video shoot in south Charlotte on Wednesday. But otherwise, the NASCAR star wasn’t there to create something controversial.

The focus of the day was on the business at hand: Two Pros Fitness.

GoDaddy chose to feature the gym as part of Coca-Cola 600 Weekend, contacting owners E.Z. Smith and Roland Payne just two weeks ago to offer to build a new website for Two Pros Fitness ... and to see if it was all right to bring Patrick to the gym for a visit.

“I was like, ‘Oh, I’m pretty sure I would be OK with it,’ ” said Smith, a former professional football player. “Five or six (of my clients) took off work to be here for this.”

Two Pros Fitness’ new website – www.twoprosfitness.com – launched Tuesday.

“We had a website built by a third party, who said they knew what they were doing,” Smith said. “It wasn’t bad, but we weren’t getting anything from it. Now we have questionnaires, contacts, testimonials, pictures, a slideshow, and literally it took maybe a week. I can’t say enough about how much they helped and how user-friendly the process was.”

Patrick has had a busy week: Last Saturday, she drove her GoDaddy No. 10 Chevrolet in the Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway; this Sunday, she returns there to compete in the 600 – NASCAR’s longest event.

Even so, “we wanted to come here, check out what they’re doing, and show them some love for using us,” Patrick said during a break in shooting.

The promos shot Wednesday will be used online and circulated via social media over the weekend.

As Patrick posed next to a heavy bag toward the rear of the gym, professionally styled and surrounded by lights, more than a dozen people grunted through a circuit of exercises, from using battle ropes to body-slamming a dummy.

NASCAR’s popular rookie didn’t participate in the workout, but Patrick said she felt at home at the gym.

“This workout isn’t completely dissimilar to what I do,” she said. “It’s just about intensity and keeping that heart rate up, and moving, moving, moving – which is what’s going to make us all skinny like we want to be. And strong.”

“I work out every day pretty much that I’m not in the car.”

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