Restaurant Inspections

Scores filed by Mecklenburg County Health inspections for March 12-18. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Harris Teeter Produce. Grade 100. 1015 Providence Road. (March 14)

Food Lion Deli. Grade 100. 6275 Wilson Grove Road. (March 13)

Food Lion Meat Market. Grade 99.5. 3009 The Plaza. (March 14)

Bottom 3

Spice South Indian Cuisine. Grade 86. 8145 Ardrey Kell Road. Infractions include: Employee working both sides of the dish machine (handling dirty then clean dishes) without washing hands between. (March 18)

Lempira. Grade 87.5. 7631 Sharon Lakes Drive, Suite A. Infractions include: Fried chicken in hot holding unit measuring at 87 degrees. All potentially hot food must be held at or above 135 degrees. (March 17)

Mert’s Heart & Soul. Grade 87.5. 214 N. College St. Infractions include: Items in hot holding box measuring between 122 and 129. (March 18)


Persis Indian Grill. Grade 90. 14027 Conlan Circle. (March 13)