Joanne Spataro creates a video spoof based on Mayor Patrick Cannon’s arrest

Freelance writer Joanne Spataro has produced a video spoof on the feminine hygiene product line HERS that was part of the federal government’s case against Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon.

In Wednesday’s affidavit, Cannon met an undercover agent in 2012 and asked the agent if he’d be interested in investing in a business Cannon planned to start called HERS, which would sell a feminine hygiene product nationally. There was no evidence in the affidavit whether HERS exists.

Spataro said she wasn’t too worried about the spoof coming out too soon after the serious news of Charlotte’s mayor being arrested. “To me it’s never too soon. In this age of social media, someone else is going to do it, and you know you could do it better, just do it.”

Spataro’s video mentions many specific items from the affidavit, including a quote from Cannon that he looks good in an orange tie, not an orange suit.

“I was really just fascinated that he was allegedly using this kind of company,” Spataro said. “I mean people are going to notice the mayor is selling feminine hygiene products!”

Spataro has created a series of videos all filmed in bed with interview subjects titled, “Pillow Talk with Joanne.” It often includes political satire, and one episode was pitched as an unofficial town hall meeting in bed with Jennifer Roberts, a former Mecklenburg County commissioner and chair. She is currently filming the second season of “Pillow Talk” and said the ideas for the Cannon video came to her very quickly while reading the charges against him.

“The inspiration just sort of occurred to me yesterday. I noticed we don’t have a lot of funny videos in Charlotte or outlets like Funny or Die. I really wanted a way to lampoon Cannon but not be offensive,” Spataro said. “I’m glad it’s making people laugh.”