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‘Labor Day’

This intense, exquisitely photographed domestic potboiler transpires over the course of one hot-and-heavy summer’s end in the mid-1980s. Starring Kate Winslet (as single mom Adele) and Josh Brolin (as prison escapee Frank).

‘Devil’s Due’

A “Rosemary’s Baby” for the “Paranormal Activity” generation, “Devil’s Due” uses the increasingly unimaginative found-footage gimmick to try to juice up the tired trope of a woman who is carrying a demonic fetus.

‘The Legend of Hercules’

Kellan Lutz has the muscles to play the powerful demigod offspring of Zeus and the mortal queen Alcmene, but he could have skipped a few grueling weight-lifting routines to take some acting lessons.


Also out this week

“Gimme Shelter”: Vanessa Hudgens does a star turn as a pregnant teen searching for her father.

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